Edlund Slices Tomato Preparation Time!

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Nisbets has trimmed the time it takes to prepare large volumes of tomatoes by introducing a preparation powerhouse to its extensive collection of high quality kitchen equipment – the Edlund Laser Tomato Slicer.

Giving commercial operators the opportunity to add speed, precision and accuracy to their preparation of large volumes of tomatoes, the advanced design of the Laser Tomato Slicer from renowned brand Edlund takes the hassle out of preparing large quantities of tomatoes, reducing preparation time dramatically whilst ensuring perfectly cut slices every time.

Thanks to an innovative staggered blade cartridge and self-lubricating pusher system, the Edlund Laser Tomato Slicer can cut even the ripest of tomatoes to the desired thickness in one swift motion with minimal force. This makes slicing an effortless process whilst achieving consistent portion control and ensuring nominal wastage.

The Edlund Tomato Laser Slicer’s industrial design is made with efficiency in mind – as a 6 inch deep pan can fit under the blade assembly a large quantity of tomatoes can be sliced without interruption, ensuring preparation speed is optimised to save those valuable seconds which add up over the course of a day. Heavy duty suction cup feet ensure stability, safety and ease of use.

Manufactured from robust stainless steel, the patent pending cutting-edge design of the Edlund Tomato Laser Slicer has a cartridge which removes easily without the need for tools. In addition, the slicer fits in a standard dishwasher rack to ensure a thorough and easy clean.

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