Cambro’s new front loading food transportation box

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FEM’s Cambro UPC300, compact and convenient, is effortless to use.

FEM has launched the new UPC300, a front loading, insulated food transport box which provides caterers with versatility and convenience.

The UPC300 features a gasket-free door. This swings wide open to allow the caterer easy access to the pans inside, which are held firmly in place during transportation. The UPC300 can accommodate sizes from GN 1/1 to GN 1/3 and holds up to three GN 1/1 10cm deep pans. A compact unit, it measures 43.2cm wide by 65.4cm deep and 56.8cm high.

The built-in seal on the door and the thick polyurethane insulation keep food safely stored inside, ensuring it stays at the correct temperature. The UPC300 can store cold food below 4°C, as well as hot food above 65°C, for over 4 hours at a time.

The labelling area on the door holds labels securely and allows quick identification of the contents.

The UPC300 box is super durable as it is seamlessly constructed from one piece. As this unit stacks with all existing 300MPC and 1318MTC carriers, it’s the prefect addition to a caterer’s food transportation portfolio.