Clever combi: better looking, better cooking

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Lainox launches new Sapiens combination oven.

Lainox has launched a new version of the Sapiens combination oven. A stylish redesign makes it a better looking unit, while extensive changes to the controls make for simpler operation and a more user-friendly experience. The Lainox range is distributed in the UK by Falcon Foodservice Equipment.

The biggest improvement in the reloaded Sapiens is the introduction of a new colour display, which replaces the old numeric keypad. The display shows a host of information including recipes, fan speed, washing programmes, menus and settings. There’s also an LED bar which lights up to offer a quick visual guide to the cooking progress. The new controls make it much easier for the user to access programmes, such as the autowash system.

Another significant upgrade is to give the Sapiens a variable fan speed, with up to six settings. This delivers tighter control of the cooking process, improving results. Adjusting the fan can also speed up the cooking process, thus reducing energy consumption.

The Sapiens is Lainox’s basic combination oven, which Falcon offers alongside the top of the range Naboo series. The Sapiens has manual controls and standard features include an automatic washing system, a multipoint core temperature probe, inbuilt hand shower and storage of up to 99 recipe programmes.

The Sapiens comes in a wide range of sizes, including GN1/1 and GN2/1 compatible models, accommodating from seven to twenty GN1/1 pans. All are available in gas or electric versions. There is also a choice of compact electric units, accommodating 2/3 or 1/1 GN pans, which help chefs make maximum use of tight spaces in the kitchen.

List prices for the standard sized Sapiens models start from £7,159 for the seven-grid SAEB071R. The full range is available through Falcon’s dealer network.

Falcon is the market-leading UK manufacturer of professional cooking equipment and is the UK distributor for Lainox combination ovens. With a company history going back nearly 200 years, Falcon now supplies operators throughout the catering industry, exporting around the globe. Its comprehensive product portfolio is backed by award-winning customer support.