PolyScience Smoking Gun® Pro

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The new PolyScience Smoking Gun® Pro incorporates all the best features of the standard model but comes with improved airflow, reduced operating noise and no resin build up.

As standard the Smoking Gun® Pro comes with variable air flow adjustment, a large capacity stainless steel hopper for the wood chips which can be easily removed and cleaned of tar build up, and filters that are simple to replace.

In addition, the removable chamber that protects the fan is made from stainless steel which means that it can’t be melted by blowtorch use but CAN be washed in a dishwasher. To assist with cleaning, and to ensure that there is no residue left on it that might affect the required flavour, the fan itself can also be removed using the Allen key provided. The base of the unit has also been improved resulting in a more stable footprint.

The Smoking Gun® Pro is brilliant for adding wonderful smoked flavours to just about any food using cool smoke and without the need to add heat. Infuse food with classic aromas such as hickory or applewood, or experiment with creative flavours like teas, spices or dried flowers.

It also lets the user add delicious smoky flavours to fish, meats, and vegetables, whilst its heat-free operation means it is even possible to smoke more delicate foods such as cheese without melting them. And it’s great fun with cocktails and other drinks too! How about a Manhattan cocktail infused with cigar smoke? Or an applewood smoked Bloody Mary? The possibilities really are endless.

The gun comes ready to go with 4 AA batteries and two sample jars of PolyScience smoking sawdust in hickory and Applewood flavours.