Achieving the perfect blend with the new Dynamic Stick Blenders from Nisbets

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Leading experts in blending innovation, Dynamic, have added four new models to their extensive range of stick blenders, available from Nisbets. The new range has been designed specifically to blend, mix, puree or crush with ease when using a bratt pan or other low height, large capacity container.

A familiar sight in many commercial kitchens, the bratt pan is one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment for a caterer who needs to prepare large volumes of food. To add to the efficiencies of using this piece of kitchen kit, Dynamic have developed their range of hand held stick blenders with a shorter shaft length (300mm) than other stick blenders, which ensures that blending, mixing or crushing in a bratt pan is easier and more efficient. The shorter shaft length allows the operator to view the control panel and ensures a more comfortable operating position.

Within the new range from Dynamic are the (DM487) SMX 300 Stick Blender MX150 and (DM488) SMX 300 Stick Blender MX155. These turbo stick blenders are designed for heavy duty, continuous use and the MX150 has the innovative Dynamic ‘crushing hammer’ foot which ensures perfect results with an even consistency; it pulverises food and smooths it into a velvety mix therefore eliminating the need for sieving thus saving time for a busy caterer. They have been developed to cope with the demands of a large, busy commercial kitchen and can quickly and effortlessly create soups, sauces, etc. in batches from 75 litres to 300 litres.

For commercial kitchens requiring a little more flexibility, the new (DM489)Dynamic DMX 300 CC Master Stick Blender MX160 and (DM490) Dynamic DMX 300 CC Master Stick Blender MX165 offer the same shorter shaft (300mm) to enable efficient bratt pan blending of soups in batches from 40 litres to 100 litres but with the added advantage of being able to utilise the range of innovative and functionally designed Dynamic attachments (AG852 – AG855) which enable blending or crushing of other ingredients and larger batch capabilities.

The new range of stick blenders from Dynamic have been ergonomically designed to have a lower hold height which makes them feel lighter and gives an easier operation, whilst each model has enhanced features such as double insulation for quieter operation, a safety switch and new cooling technology to give additional longevity to the life of the mixer.

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