Winterhalter’s new warewashers promises sparkling results

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Winterhalter’s new undercounter warewashers, the UC Excellence iPlus, uses new hybrid technology that combines reverse osmosis (RO) and a water softener.

This offers a variety of benefits, including preventing blockages of the RO membrane, extending membrane life and ensuring perfect wash results.

The UC Excellence iPlus brings the advantages of reverse osmosis to tight counter areas because the system is fully integrated into the machine. The smallest model measures just 810mm (h) x 460mm (w) x 617mm (d) and jcan wash up to 77 racks (400mm x 400mm) per hour.

The UC Excellence iPlus delivers a combination of warewasher and reverse osmosis, which helps guarantee excellent wash results every time, as it removes almost 100% of water impurities.

Alongside its RO system is an integral water softener. The water treatment process is fully integrated into the wash process to deliver flawless wash results on glassware, cutlery and dishes, without the need for extra polishing. This saves staff time and speeds up turnaround of glasses and tableware.

The UC Excellence-iPlus features a built-in pre-filter with monitoring, membrane flushing and Winterhalter’s AquaOpt system, which minimises running costs with its choice of good, better and best results. This AquaOpt function optimises water quality during extended wash break periods and can be adapted to meet specific on-site requirements, ensuring consistent washing.

With an integrated softener, the iPlus machines also feature VarioAqua, which allows the user to select whether to use the RO system or not. So less critical items can be washed using softened water only, which minimises running costs, while more important ones can have the full RO treatment, for sparkling results.

Both water treatment systems are fully integrated within the warewasher, with the operating status displayed on the control panel. The machine automatically selects the appropriate treatment for certain functions – for example, RO-treated water to flush the boiler, but softened water to run the self-cleaning programme. If there is an issue with the RO, such as the membrane needs attention, the warewasher switches to softened water only. Similarly, if the softener runs out of salt, it switches to RO only.

Compared to standard RO systems, the UC Excellence-iPlus is estimated to save at least 10% in water usage.